Origin Story

Retromin Watches was founded in 2018 when it was born of the humble idea of breathing new life into a completely usable watch with a broken strap. As an avid tinkerer and lifelong learner, Dom saw the potential to do more than just make a functional fix for the watch - he wanted it to pop! He then started experimenting with new patterns and colors for straps to make Casios more interesting.

Having worn Casios since he was 9 years old, Dom Strauss, saw an untapped potential for customizing these iconic watches. Being able to purchase something that is inexpensive, minimalist  This pursuit has led to unique colors and hardware combinations that you won’t find anywhere else.


The name:

The etymology of our name comes from:

Retro - imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past.

The word "Retro" was a necessary in the name in an age where smart waches, phones and tablets are so commonly used. Casios are a throwback to an era before the technologies that we have today. 

Minimalist - For example, minimalism is a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity, and can be found in music, literature, or design.

Digital watches are able to have many complications/functions built in, - such as alarms, stopwatches, Countdown timers, 24h clock, calculators, TV remotes, the list goes on! You can have all of that on your wrist in one small module!  

Minute - A unit used to measure time.

We use watches to track time, so it had to be in the name! 

By combining "Retro" and the dual meaning of "Min", the name Retromin was born. 


Here at Retromin Watches, we are about sparking joy, celebrating individuality, and building a community around the minimalism and functionality that Casios offer.

We have been selling on Etsy for more tan 6 years with thousands of sales. Multiple iterations of straps, hardware and buckles have been customized to match the gold Casio f91w, which is a very popular in our shop! We continue to develop new colors as we listen to feedback from our customers and push our own boundaries. We hope you will join us on our journey to create new styles that resonate with you! 

    Ready to join the adventure? Explore our collection and start crafting your own wrist story. 

    Stay tuned for new, bold strap designs, new watches, and new custom orders!

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